Long Bevel Flat Comb (6 -7mm) Sold in boxes of 5


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Long bevel flat combs are used all year. They are designed for shearing sheep with dense wool. They are Good for merinos and cross breeds and also Good for crutching & dagging.

Flat combs have 13 teeth and come in “H” (Full thickness) or as”C” (pre-ground) models
The names start with the width in millimeters (79,85,88,96) and then the bevel in millimeters (6 or 7).
Long bevel models are 85×6, 88×7, 96×6, 96x6C, 96×7 & 96x7C) We also have a long bevel comb 79×7 which is convex shaped (rounded) specifically for dagging and crutching.

All flat combs are priced per comb excl GST but are sold in boxes of 5.

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Long Bevel Flat

79 x 7 – convex, 85 x 6 – dagging & crutching, 88 x 7 – dagging & crutching, 94 x 6, 94 x 6C, 96 x 6, 96 x 6C, 96 x 7, 96 x 7C


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