Long Bevel Cover Comb (18 or 20mm) Sold in boxes of 4


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Mostly for Winter shearing of sheep with dense/fine wool. (Cross breeds & Merinos) Designed for a better entry into the tight wool and leaving a good cover to protect the sheep in harsh weather.

Long bevel Cover combs have 9 teeth and are made as “H” models (full thickness) or “C” models (pre-ground to run-in thickness. They are named by width in mm (94, 96,or 97) and by bevel in mm (long bevel 18 or 20m) eg: 94×20, 94x20C, 96×20, 96x20C, 97×18 & 97x18C. We also stock 96x20L for left hand shearers.

They are priced per comb excl GST but are sold in boxes of 4.

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Long Bevel Cover

94 x 20, 94 x 20C, 96 x 20, 96 x 20C, 96 x 20 Left Hand, 97 x 18, 97 x 18C


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