Short Bevel Flat Comb (3.5mm) Sold in boxes of 5


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Short bevel flat combs are suitable for open wooled & free combing sheep.

Flat combs have 13 teeth and come in Full thickness “H” or as pre-ground “C” models
The names start with the width in millimetres and then the bevel in millimetres.
The short bevel models are 96×3.5, 96×3.5C, 98×3.5, 98×3.5C, 99×3.5C and 100×3.5C

They are priced per comb excl GST but are sold in boxes of 5.

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Short Bevel Flat

94 x 3.5(No5), 96 x 3.5 (No1), 96 x 3.5 (No1)C, 98×3.5, 98x 3.5C, 99x 3.5C, 100x 3.5C


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