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Pan-Friend NZ Ltd is a successful New Zealand, family-owned company that is a leader in the importation and supply of shearing products throughout New Zealand. Our mission is to provide quality Ace Shearing gear at competitive prices with a superior and personalised customer service.


  • Ace combs and cutters are made of quality steel with advanced heat treatment to meet the NZ standards – Quality you can trust!
  • Ace Combs and cutters are designed for the NZ shearing industry, catering for all breeds of sheep.
  • The owners are passionate about their business and have developed a good rapport with their suppliers, Freight companies and most of all their customers to ensure orders are processed and delivered as soon as practicable.


  • Ace Shearing Gear products for sale on this site are for the New Zealand market and consist of Cover combs for the cold / winter months, Flat combs for the warmer months and cutters for all seasons.
  • The photos are generic and are provided as a guide to enable you to see the difference between Cover combs (9 teeth), Flat combs (13 teeth) and cutters.
  • The majority of Ace combs are made in full thickness models “H,” however some have been pre-ground to run-in thickness “C” as many shearers prefer them ready to go.
  • The combs are measured by width in mm ranging from 79 – 100 and in bevels – long, medium, medium plus or short.
  • Flat combs range from short bevel (3.5mm) eg: 96×3.5, Medium bevel (4mm) eg: 96×4, Medium Plus bevel (4.5mm & 5mm) eg: 97×4.5 to Long bevel (6 and 7mm) eg: 96×7,
  • Cover combs range from Short bevel (14mm) eg: 96×14, medium bevel (17mm) eg: 96×17 and long bevel (18 or 20mm) eg: 96×20
  • All prices are per item excluding GST but are sold by the box. Cover combs are sold in blue boxes of 4, Flat combs are sold in blue boxes of 5 whilst cutters are sold in yellow boxes of 10 except 3.5 cutters which are usually sold in boxes of 20.
  • The yellow box Storm Cutters come in 3 sizes 4.4 = Full thickness, 4.1 = pre-ground to ¼ run-in thickness and 3.5 pre-ground to ½ run-in thickness.